Frameless granary

One of the factors of reliability and durability of the design is full observance of technology of construction of the building. Most often used single-layer construction system.

Hangar for storage on 1000 square meters can accommodate:

· 30,000 quintals of potatoes.
· 12 000 tons of sunflower.
· 20 000 quintals of grain.
The permissible limits 20-23 centners per 1 sqm storage room can be 15-25 m. wide, of different lengths. Standard dimensions are: width 18 to 22 m, height is 8-9 m. These scales can withstand any snow load and wind.

Frameless livestock farm

Prefabricated frameless arched hangars are for breeding birds and cattle. The construction of livestock farms takes into account all the needs of the project and the finished design fully suitable for such purposes. For example, a hangar at 1000 sq. m can accommodate 500 pigs.

The construction of structures of the arch type is to use two foundations at the same time. Solid rib arch structure of high hardness, they take all the load from outside and inside the farm.

Advantages of use of frameless hangars of the agricultural sector

· Complete absence of joints. Occurrence of draughts and condensation are eliminated. This will protect the grain from rotting and fungus infection, a disease of cattle due to infections are kept to a minimum.

· During the construction of the building, the technical equipment of the project can be changed. It is possible to install additional exits and Windows. Flexibility in construction allows to divide the design into blocks, compartments for convenient saving of grain.

· It is possible to create any system of heating and ventilation that will provide comfortable conditions for the animals and preservation of cereal.

· Convenient geometric design creates a strong protection for the animals from predators or save grains from being eaten by rodents and birds.

· The use of new insulating materials makes arched building energy efficient. The room retains heat for a long period of time.

· Minimal wear.

Frameless fleet

Today the construction of the arch type is indispensable in the agricultural and industrial sectors. They can place aircraft and special equipment to make a private carport, Parking for trucks.

Frameless garages are waterproof and fire resistance. With these settings, frameless fleets are so popular. Commercial Parking and special equipment will pay off quickly due to the high value of profitability. No hangar can not do in remote areas where weak soil. The thinness of the walls makes the spacious and compact design. The number of exits, Windows can be changed even after the installation of the design.

Aviation frameless hangars

Frameless airframe is placed near airports when flying clubs, military airfields. They represent spaces with large spans, as the wingspan of the aircraft reaches up to ninety meters. Because the data sheds do not foresee any inside the colon and supports. Gate built give full disclosure and do not interfere with the departure.

If you need frameless hangars are insulated air or in a room used infrared heating equipment. Warm room will quickly removed the icing and reduce downtime. Aircraft hangars allow us not only to host the aircraft, helicopters and other special equipment, but the equipment for repair and maintenance. Such designs are best to use, as it doesn’t occupy much space and do not require large financial investments.


Granary floor storage silos or floor constructed of frameless arched hangars.

The presence of these silos on farms to minimize transportation costs, only store their harvest, without the risk of under-class and Dirt, before the period of increase in the cost. Just can complete rejection of elevators services that will improve profitability. Cost granaries comparable to the difference in the price of the crop during the harvest and during the peak of prices in a single season.
A distinctive feature of these silos is:
• affordable price
• Adaptive sizes, depending on the wishes of the customer (the width of 30 m., The length of any), while it is possible to produce and mount them with different heights,
• No expensive foundations and the possibility of the device on its own
• long service life and no maintenance costs
• the possibility of any kind of device floor (concrete or asphalt) and equipment of all engineering and technical networks

Vegetable store

Frameless arched hangars are ideal for the construction of vegetable stores. Affordable price on Commercial allows you to quickly build a vegetable store, with the necessary engineering structure. Vegetable stores allow you to save the harvest until the first early vegetables and sell products more expensive, especially in the period of supply of imported products.
Thermal insulation is made of vegetable stores, as a rule, polyurethane foam (PUF) of varying thickness and density. PPU can not only warm vegetable store, but also to provide the necessary sealing of the facilities.
Vegetable stores differ in the type of storage and bulk storage containers. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. If storage of bulk initially cheaper, the potential losses in the storage container is much lower. Ventilation and refrigeration equipment is selected depending on the type, volume and shelf life of vegetables. Equipment improvements (cleaning, grading, sorting, packing) vegetables is selected depending on the type of sales.


Industrial arched hangars used as production, production and warehouse and administrative buildings. Low cost frameless arched hangars to minimize the cost of construction of industrial facilities and in the shortest possible time to get a return on investment.
For these purposes the insulated arched hangars, usually with external insulation of mineral wool. This type of insulation allows staff in inside the structure, the necessary sanitary and fire regulations. Cold (unheated) frameless arched hangars used as sheds, garages for equipment and unheated warehouses.
The ability to supply and connection of all utilities can be used in any industrial hangars appointment. Free planning inside the hangar, through the device of partitions (walls), allows you to arrange all the facilities necessary for the intended use of the building.

Arched hangars frameless widely used for the construction of commercial buildings. These include markets, outlets and shopping malls. Use large (30m) frameless arch cover allows outlets and trays on the market to avoid the effects of weather, such as snow, rain, wind and sun. Insulated arched hangars can be used as points of sale, and trading multi-functional complexes. Free interior layout arched hangars maximizes the use of facilities of the area, arranging the room several floors and all sizes. Visitors to these shopping centers will feel cozy and comfortable. Cold unheated hangars are usually used as warehouses, garages and parking lots.

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