Frameless hangars

Frameless hangar – arch type buildings, a large range of applications. The design can be used as vegetable stores, granaries, farm for breeding cattle, a sports complex, ice rink, tennis courts, indoor market, an industrial complex, for washing machines, and more. Construction of frameless hangars – a profitable investment in real estate. The benefits of investment are explained as follows:

  • Low price
  • Return on investment in the short term (5-9 months)
  • Variability application
  • Frameless hangar recognized as the most reliable and durable construction
  • Minimal terms of its structure, regardless of weather conditions (1000 sq. M. In just 8-10 days)
  • Allows you to save money and time
  • The minimum amount for the maintenance of the structure and its maintenance costs (no need to carry out finishing walls,roofing, etc.)
  • Lots of free space at an affordable price

Frameless granaries

One of the factors of reliability and durability of the construction is full compliance with the technology of erection of buildings. The most frequently used system is a single-layer construction.

Hangar for storage 1,000 square meters. can accommodate:

  • 30,000 quintals of potatoes.
  • 12,000 quintals of sunflower.
  • 20,000 quintals of grain.

Acceptable standards of 20-23 centners per 1 sq. m. Warehouse can be 15-25 m. wide and of varying lengths. Standard sizes are considered:.. Width 18-22 m, height – 8.9 m This scale can withstand any snow loads and wind gusts.

Frameless livestock farms

Prefabricated frameless arched hangars used for breeding birds and cattle. Construction of livestock farms takes into account all the needs of this area and ready designs are fully suitable for such purposes. For example, a hangar on 1000 square meters. m holds 500 pigs.

Construction of arch type structures involves the use of two bases at the same time. Massive rib arch buildings increased rigidity, they take any load from the outside and inside the farm.

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