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Our company is leader of Ukrainian market in the construction of flat objects.
Over 10 years of experience we have earned immense trust of our clients.

Строительство Ангаров

Why apply it to the Ангар-строй?

  • Over 10 years of work we have filled all the bumps and the probability of failure or puncture is minimized
  • We purchased new and unique equipment, which performs its function with high quality and at high speed. And most importantly, with this equipment, the construction of frameless hangar is cheaper
  • We provide full cycle of works frameless construction. Including design, initial preparation, its accomplishment after the completion of the building
  • In our practice, a large number of objects of different purposes. This sports and health centres, granaries, corrals, warehouses for construction materials, manufacturing plants etc. we adhere to the specifics of construction of frameless hangar depending on the purpose of the object
  • Our experts with more experience give a free consultation and recommendations

Where to find us?

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Строительство бескаркасных ангаров


Kacarska st. 43, Kharkov, 61052
+38 (057) 763-11-14
+38 (068) 663-89-62
+38 (050) 018-44-09