Warming arched frameless hangars

Why insulated hangars?

Frameless arched hangars are seamless connection of profiled metal panels. This design is fully protected from weather influences such as snow, rain, wind and direct sunlight.

Just briefly, can protect against low or high ambient temperature. Prolonged exposure to these factors is happening inside the hangar temperature equalization with the ambient temperature. This is due to the high thermal conductivity of galvanized steel material of the arched panel frameless hangar.

By appointment Commercial or arched design elements can be used not only as warehouses or garages, without the requirements of temperature conditions inside the premises, but also as a residential, office or industrial buildings and facilities, with the task to maintain the temperature inside. To comply with these requirements is necessary to make insulation panels arched frameless hangar.

Depending on the purpose of use of the building or exterior insulation, or insulation on the inside panels.

Consider each of the types of insulation, especially given.

Outside insulation.

The outer insulation is made, as a rule, mineral wool required thickness, followed by covering of roofing materials. According to the current fire and health and safety standards in areas where there are people, banned the use of combustible materials and materials released during the combustion of toxic and caustic substances.
Thus, the inner metal surface of the hangar is fully consistent with regulations. And given the appearance, does not require additional finishing (except for painting, if the panel hangar not made of galvanized steel with polymer coating), this type of insulation is fully suitable for residential, industrial, administrative, office and sports buildings and structures, which are constantly there are people.
To date, this type of insulation is the most cost-effective.
As the use of mineral wool increase the fire resistance of the whole structure of the hangar.
Features external insulation shown in the figure.

Thermal insulation on the inside.

The internal insulation is made either sputtered materials (polyurethane foam and its analogs, cellulose insulation and its analogues). This type of insulation is only applicable for warehouses and storage facilities in which people stay limited in time (loading -vygruzka). Thermal insulation on the inside is usually applied to the vegetable stores, warehouses and warehouses with strict conditions of temperature and humidity. Just be aware that the cheapest sprayed heaters have an open (porous) structure. moisture accumulates and increases thermal conductivity, making them impossible to use for rooms with high humidity.
Internal insulation with mineral wool in the scope of this article, because of the difficulty with the coordination of internal finishing materials with current fire and sanitary standards, as well as a complex system of ventilation and dripping from the heater.
Design features of the internal insulation of various types of profiles arched hangar panels are presented below.

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