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We help leaders to do the right thing


In this changing world you have to decide with lightning speed. And only you do know what decision is right for you. It is important to see it.

My team and I know a lot of how the leaders make their decisions.

For 15 years I have been learning this from my clients. They create and export complex machines and simple furniture, industrial equipment and home products, they sew clothes, make food, design and construct buildings, import raw materials for production and products that we buy in supermarkets, they teach our children and train new professionals, provide complex engineering services and develop software and do a lot more proper things.

Technologies are developing, the competition is growing, and the global economy and geopolitics are changing. The consumer’s behavior and the society itself undergo some changes. And finally the business philosophy is going through changes too. Every day we wake up in the new world in which our yesterday's knowledge is not enough.

There is already not enough information for analysis and risk assessment. Just single intuition is not enough to to make a choice. Information should be qualitative and reliable, data must be relevant and the access to information should be flash-like. While making managing decisions we use rational and irrational approaches, game models, emotional intelligence and sets of other sets.

But even this is not enough. Not everything can be seen from the inside. Sometimes it helps to change the perspective – you need the outside look. Sometimes the patterns we constructed are inaccurate because of our inattention to details. At times the hindrance is in the lack of experience and at times the very experience is unnecessary.

That is why we understand that to see only the legal side of the issue is to see nothing. We can no longer be just lawyers who advise how to make things right. We are changing ourselves and together we are changing reality.

Business planning and investment
Generate ideas, develop strategies, inspire your team to great achievements. Do it bravely and we will be cautious and take care of the following

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Import, export, customs
Our experience in the field of international trade is as follows: numerous simple and complex contracts with suppliers and buyers from all over the world and complex issues of customs clearance

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We know effective tax solutions. Do not waste your time on tax planning. Your time will cost your business more than ours.

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Business security
We’d better like to build a system of protection and work with risks preventively than “to fight fires”. Firstly, it is cheaper. Secondly, it does not distract from operating activities. What about you?

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